Leagle Beagle May 2020

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Astin Martin is a 30-year-old Brit, full name of Astin Martin O’Brian, who recently crashed his car after being in a 93mph police chase in a 30 mph zone. He has pled guilty to “dangerous driving”, is banned from driving, and will have to get used to public transportation for now. As the police superintendent of North Umbria said: “He might be called Astin Martin but he’s no James Bond.” By the way, his choice of automobile ?? A Ford Fiesta!


And you’ve run out of home projects, did you want to consider that Trust or Will, or to re-think that Accident case or that relative denied treatment in a Senior facility or to have that business insurance policy reviewed? Or even something that’s been done in a wrong or illegal way during the pandemic. Now’s the time to get answers to your questions & we’re here for you!


That’s the question many proprietors are asking after the Illinois Governor closed many businesses due to the COVID virus. The issue is whether the language of the policies cover the suspension of the holders’ businesses & whether the owners didn’t have any choice but to cease operations. If the policies do not specifically exclude a pandemic, then chances are they are “all-risk” policies & therefore cover everything. While not new, this area of the law is about to get a serious re-evaluation in light of the huge financial losses.

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* I’m so old that when I order a 3-minute egg they make me pay upfront. -Henny Youngman

* My parents used to take me to a pet store and tell me it was a zoo.     -Billy Connolly

* I took my parents to the airport today. They leave tomorrow.              -Margaret Smith

* A man is incomplete until he’s married. Then he’s really finished.      -Henny  Youngman

* Marriage is very difficult. Marriage is like a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle–all sky! -Cathy Landman

* I don’t get no respect. The time I got hurt, on the way to the hospital the ambulance stopped for gas. -Rodney Dangerfield

* My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care & vehicle maintenance. -Tim Allen

* Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch.             -George Carlin

* I was never an athletic kid. One year I played Little League baseball. My dad was the coach. And halfway through the season, he traded me to another family. -David Corrado


So many people have never experienced being locked up with their partner exclusively & for so long. Now couples are observing things that they never did before: hang-ups on phone calls, many more texts, walking to another room for private calls, long periods away from home (supposedly for walking Spot), etc.  Add to that the reality of physical & emotional abuse and a crashing economy are likely to bring a rush to divorce courts once the court system opens after Covid-19; some may think that there’s no better time since their net worth is as low as it’ll ever be. “Till death do us part” may be in serious trouble! Even in Wuhan, China, filings have gone through the roof as they return to “normal”.

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