August 2019 Leagle Beagle


“Hell no!”, “incredibly unprepared ” are a couple of law enforcement reactions to whether Illinois is ready to handle an expected upswing in impaired driving with the impending legalization of recreational marijuana. The problems for police: lack of accurate-measuring technology for saliva (think alcohol breathalyzers); officers lack of training on same; field sobriety training which differs from alcohol. Since there is no breath test for cannabis, along with expected legal challenges, it certainly puts police in a tough situation. Oh…and did I mention the cost of all the above???


We’re proud to announce the 5 million-dollar settlement of an injury case by one of Terry’s associates made after serious negotiations with the City & a private company very recently. Should you ever need or know someone who needs such legal representation, call us at 228-1100. WE’RE THAT CLOSE!


When you watch a football game on TV and they’re announcing the players, undoubtedly some will make sure you know that they’re from THE Ohio State University. Perhaps in parody, I’ve recently even heard some announce that they’re from THE Michigan. So having none of that tomfoolery, OSU has now filed Application #88571984!! Yes…insufferable or not, they are asking the US Patent Office to trademark the most common word in the English language!! Reason: $$$ (to sell sweats, hats, etc. with just the word THE).


Let’s try to make this simple: A Federal Appeals Court this month allowed a class action suit to proceed against Facebook, finding that their use of a “face template” without permission invades a person’s “individual private affairs” and therefore violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. So what did Facebook supposedly do wrong?

Well, when you upload a photo, their technology scans the photo and “extracts” the various points that make a face unique, for example the distance between eyes, nose, & ears and then create a “map”. It then compares that “map” to others already in their database to find a match; they then may “tag” the person in the photo and store them. But did Facebook have the permission of the owner? Was it even necessary? We’ll find out as the class action proceeds thru the courts.

And TLB will keep you up to the minute!