Leagle Beagle February 2021


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EXTREME CAUTION: Nursing Home Admitting Papers

If you’re having to consider placing a loved one in a facility, there will be zillions of paperwork to deal with: medical, do-not-resuscitate, powers of attorney, etc.  But one word of advice: watch for the inevitable arbitration clause. Don’t sign it, and be careful as it’s often hidden! You must protect your right to seek the help of a court should it ever become necessary, whereas that arbitration agreement usually gives up that right, tossing a hearing to an arbitrator–not a judge–who also is usually picked by the facility. And one more thing: admission to the facility cannot be denied for failing to sign their arbitration agreement!


The city of Sparta enacted a policy where the cops were evaluated on a point system that went from 3 to 1 point, with traffic citations carrying the most for the officer. It said that the policy didn’t violate the law because an officer could meet the minimum without issuing a ticket (e.g., giving a warning). As the Court stated, “This policy still violates (the law) because it does exactly what is prohibited by the plain language of the statute…” Nice try, Sparta!


Traditional discrimination claims have been brought by women & minorities. In a bit of a twist, a federal judge in Chicago has held that a white jail officer has a valid “reverse discrimination” claim brought under the Human Rights Act. The judge, saying that the officer pled discrimination based upon race, allowed the lawsuit against the Police Department to proceed.


At the start of every year, we’re usually sorting out maybe hundreds of new laws; but with the pandemic, the legislature has been quiet. No…very quiet! Here are all three laws:

1.) This allows law enforcement to secure a DNA sample from the family of a missing person and to work with the National Missing & Unidentified Persons clearinghouse in attempting to find the individual. Once located, the DNA can’t be retained by police. (PA101-0266)

2.) This allows victims of domestic violence, stalking, and the like to use a “substitute address” to protect them. Once applied for, the Attorney General will forward all 1st class mail to that address. (PA101-0270)

3.)The out-of-pocket expenses for insulin (with a state-approved insurance plan) are now capped at $100 a month, no matter the amount of insulin used or prescribed. (PA101-0625)



  • I know a man who thinks marriage is a 50-50 proposition, which convinces me that he doesn’t understand women or percentages.            –Henny Youngman
  • Relationships are a lot like drugs. You develop a dependency; and if you’re not really careful, you could wind up losing your home.          –Mike Dugan
  • My friend Larry’s in jail now. He got 25 years for something he didn’t do. He didn’t run fast enough!    –Damon Wayans
  • Think about it: why do they put “wanted posters ” in the Post Office?? Do they expect us to write to them?    –Jerry Seinfeld